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2021 Studio time

This year began like no other as COVID was still on all of our minds. My sweet loving dog Codey was not well and at the end of the January he passed away. The loss has been tough and still 2 months later I mourn. He was my shadow and his presence was big in our home. Here is my little boy in the clean studio.

Studio with my dog

I knew that my best medicine was to keep busy so I produced a new zipper wallet purse from exquisite tapestries I had on hand. I decided that it was time to share how to make these and created a tutorial that you can purchase from my online shop.

sewing work table with purse in process

The opportunity to create a small useful accessory in such weaves were uplifting. Each day I was accompanied by the birds who were feeding just outside my window. Now Spring is around the corner I look forward to spending time in our garden and also to get back to being a costumer on films and television shows.

8 zipper wallet purses made in tapestry

Sitting comfy in his chair looking dapper, Codey you will always be in my heart.

My dog in his chair