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The Stitching Begins

On January 3rd this year I uploaded the new website that took me 3 months to make. During those focused months, my office became a wild untamed mess. Like all projects once they feel finished it’s time to clean it up. Visual chaos can make a space become so small. It looks great now, feels up lifting, and is still cozy.

Before I began on the website journey, I made myself 6 different shirts designs. The final shirt was the most fun because I made the pattern using my own measurements, putting darts and a single arm stripe in it. It has a sporty feel and I love it. Looking forward to the next one now that I have some time ahead. It is so fun to make things for myself now.

I feel renewed and excited for what this 2019 year will offer. More studio time is definitely in my picture.

This Sunday my Embroidery Workshop began. I was so pumped to get back into embroidery and share my skills with others. I made one of my weekly Apple Pies to celebrate and share with my students. If you are inclined to read my older blog post “No February Blues” click HERE

I was fortunate to have one to one time with my new student Nicole. We covered a lot of ground working together with practicing stitches and working out her artwork layout.